Enjoy a delegated management of your property with confidence.

While you are away from your property, enjoy a simple and quality solution by delegating the management of your home to a reliable and available person giving you complete peace of mind 

Caretaking and Security of your residence 


P&M Conciergerie keeps an eye on the house in your absence and, at a pace that suits you, regularly visits the house for security and vigilance.


Within your property, P&M Conciergerie carries out the inspection of the outdoors and indoors so that you can be reassured and have peace of mind even from a distance: no falling trees, branches or slate, checking of openings, no damage, humidity or leaks, checking of electrical equipment, etc.

P&M Conciergerie takes advantage of this visit to ventilate the house and make sure that everything is fine. Any malfunction will be automatically reported to you, with photos.


Because a full mailbox can be a sign of a long absence, we take care of collecting and forwarding important mails. Do you have indoor plants that need regular watering?


No problem, your Concierge will take care of your plants. Hedges need to be trimmed? The lawn needs to be mowed? P&M Conciergerie, through its network of local partners, will arrange for a garden service provider.


Trusted person available on site


Key keeper, we are the trusted person on site.

A tradesman has to access your place? A craftsman has to go on site to draw up an estimate? A delivery of furniture or wood? No problem.


Contact P&M Conciergerie who will represent you and be available  on site to welcome your service provider in the best possible way.


Contact us, to discuss and define your needs.

Storm warning on our coasts! Stay calm, P&M Conciergerie organizes an additional visit in case of bad weather and makes sure that everything is well secured and that no damage is noticed.


In case of improvement or renovation works, P&M Conciergerie allows you to get in touch with the best local craftsmen.


Leave with peace of mind knowing your holiday home or main residence is in good hands with P&M Conciergerie!


*  Tax arrangements for our individual clients and an exclusive tax arrangement for our independent clients.  Contact us for more information.


*  Tax arrangements for our individual clients and an exclusive tax arrangement for our independent clients.  Contact us for more information.


Key guards

Monitoring and inspection of outdoors (damage, falling trees, roofing, planting...)

Monitoring and Inspection of indoors (check for leaks, humidity/infiltration, presence of parasites, squatting, anomalies...)

Control of openings: gates, fences, doors, windows, shutters, locks, alarm or surveillance system.

Ventilation of the residence

Checking the supply of electricity, water, heating, air-conditioning, TV, Internet and telephone

Checking and reading water and electricity meters (checking for water leaks and reporting water/electricity consumption)

Mailbox reading, sorting of advertisements and redirection of important mail

Watering indoor and outdoor plants

Supervision and coordination of household and garden services

Giving access to contractors or craftsmen in the case of works or to estimate works needed.

Punctual visit in case of bad weather or theft/degradation

Detailed report within 24 hours and photos if necessary